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6 Easy Steps to Your Next Promotion!

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One of the easiest ways to accelerating your ability to say goodbye to Corporate America and hello to free time and living your life on your terms, is to get a promotion.

For those of you that have been following GRODT, you know that I believe this is not the fastest way to achieve your Financial Freedom goals, but it is one that is most attainable for all of us. You see, we’re not all taught through grade school and college how to build a business and build our fortune on our own. Most everyone we know probably goes to an 8-5 M-F Corporate America job.

Given that, which is not a bad thing, I must recognize that constraint and try to help you manipulate the system to the best of your ability so you maximize the time you’re selling to Corporate America to make each day you give them of your roughly 30,000 days on Earth is as profitable as it possibly can be.

So how do you go about getting a promotion?

Here are several tips that, if done consistently over time, will help you that promotion and the commensurate extra cashola that comes with it!

Step 1 – Show up to work 5 minutes early and leave 10 minutes late

Arrive 5 minutes early and leave 10 minutes late.

Arrive 5 minutes early and leave 10 minutes late.

This one requires minimal effort. Leaders in your organization notice promptness and willingness to put in extra effort. When you arrive a little before the boss and leave a little after, they don’t necessarily know how much extra time you’re putting in.

In my time as a manager, I always appreciated the people on my team that didn’t make me have to chase them down or wait for them to start the meeting, only to make me have to take the time to repeat to them what I just shared with the rest of the team. That leads to my next suggestion.

Step 2 – Make your Boss’ job easy for them

Nobody likes a brown-noser unless it looks like this

Nobody likes a brown-noser unless it looks like this

Good bosses are always on the lookout for who their replacement will be. A good boss will identify a person or people who may be the bench they need to replace themselves as they move up the chain.

Most good organizations measure the quality of a Leader, at least in part, by how many Leaders that Leaders has created. Think of it like a college football coaching tree. If you’re an avid fan, as I am, you’ll hear mentioned many times that Coach So and So from Random State U trained under the watchful tutelage of Old Coach What’s His Face.

The same is true with Managers / Leaders. If you are a Leader or aspire to be one, you should think about this. You should even go so far as to point it out as people that mentor and create great Leaders are hard to come by. It takes knowledge, competence and experience and that’s generally a rare combination.

No matter what level you’re at (Manager, Team Member, Director), the more you’re willing to do to help make your Boss’ job / life a little easier, the more you’ll be appreciated. I’m not talking about brown nosing. We’re going to earn our promotion fair and square. That said, volunteering to take on the little things that can help make your Boss’ job a little easier will always garner a little respect AND give you the experience of doing the tasks that you’ll later ask or want someone that report to you to do.

Step 3 – Find someone higher up the food chain to be your Advocate

Find an advocate or mentor above you in the food chain

Find an advocate or mentor above you in the food chain

Look, I’m a big fan of what my Dad would always say as “let your bats do your talking” when he was coaching me in baseball. Meaning, of course, don’t go out there and tell people how awesome you are, show ’em. Or said another way, well done is better than well said.

While that is a great way to live life, it does come with the potential of not getting noticed as much as you otherwise would be. This is where your Advocate comes in. Typically, this can be someone who has been a mentor for you in the past. When the people at the level above you (whether Managers, Directors or beyond) are talking about who the next potential promotion candidates are, this person, your Advocate can step up and sing the praises of why you are the most deserving candidate.

DO NOT marginalize how important this may be. Business is all about relationships and as you build this Advocate / mentor relationship with someone up the food chain, it will generally pay dividends over time if you are competent and have a track record of successfully delivering quality work.

Step 4 – Be vocal. Be visible. Stand Out

Get yourself noticed - by doing awesome work and speaking up!

Get yourself noticed – by doing awesome work and speaking up!

It’s hard to get noticed if you never speak up in meetings or have trouble communicating your ideas. If you don’t have the confidence to do that, that’s ok. You can join ToastMasters or volunteer for positions outside of work that put you in positions where you can practice your speaking skills without the fear or concern of negative impacts on your job. No one at work will know you did it and you’ll come off like a polished pro.

Wallflowers don’t attract responsibility and promotions. They won’t be handed to you. You have to step up and aggressively take what you want!

Being vocal or visible is basically marketing yourself. This isn’t bragging, which most people are uncomfortable doing. This is simply demonstrating your ability to have good ideas and share them in a clear, succinct, pithy and articulate manner. Those opportunities may be rare for you, especially in front of your leadership or sr. leadership so make sure you’re prepared so you can capitalize on them when they present themselves and CRUSH IT!

Wallflowers don’t attract responsibility and promotions. They won’t be handed to you. You have to step up and aggressively take what you want!

Step 5 – Tell your boss your goals and aspirations to move up your corporate structure

Write your own success story by first clearly outlining your goals to your boss

Write your own success story by first clearly outlining your goals to your boss

When I was in Leadership I would always have an annual “What do you want to be when you grow up?” conversation with all my Employees. Why? First, I wanted to show a general interest in their career. I would tell them, the #1 person who will care about your career and how much you get out of it is YOU. Running a very close 2nd is me (or should be your boss). By having that conversation, I was practicing what I was preaching.

Secondly, it was a way for me to find out those dirty little secrets that people generally wouldn’t just afford you. Maybe they are pining to be a Manager some day. Maybe they hate what they are doing and didn’t know how to tell me. I’d break the ice for them and let them answer my question that way it was my fault it even got brought up :).

By doing this, I would find out who wanted to be a manager and often times who DIDN’T want to be a manager. That didn’t mean they could never be promoted, but it would put somewhat of a cap on their upside potential. For those that shared their goals and ambitions to move up, I could help mentor and cultivate their career to take that next step. I could then try to tailor their workload so they could demonstrate the skills necessary to take that next career step.

If you are proactive in sharing these types of goals and ambitions with your boss, you are demonstrating proactiveness and directly letting them know you want to do everything you can to demonstrate you’re ready for more responsibility and a promotion and with it, MORE MONEY $$$$$!

Step 6 – Volunteer for the hard stuff

Volunteering is easy.  Volunteering for the hard stuff takes courage!

Volunteering is easy. Volunteering for the hard stuff takes courage!

The final tip! Part of being a leader and being visible is being willing to do the things other people don’t want to do. It’s easy to roll in to work and do the bare minimum. Anyone can do that, right? Do you want to be like everyone else? The 6-figure jobs aren’t just growing on trees!!!

Being a Servant Leader and being willing to take on projects or customer groups that other people don’t want to take on may not always pay immediate dividends. However, it will show you are willing to be a Team Player and do whatever it takes for your team, your company, to be successful.

Over time, this type of willingness to take on the things that aren’t always considered sexy will be rewarded with promotions and eventually the opportunity to do the sexy work as a reward.

That’s it! 6 easy steps. If you do those meticulously and consistently over time, I guarantee there will be a promotion in your future and with it, more responsibility, visibility and money.

Money isn’t the only goal and certainly it isn’t the most important thing in life, but with it, you can buy the freedom from your Corporate America job if you so desire. That’s called Financial Freedom and living the Get Rich or Die Trying Lifestyle.

Let me know if you have other suggestions in the comments or, better yet, if you’ve taken some of these suggesting and put them into practice with positive results.

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